:: Treatment of Fluorosis ::
Treatment of fluorosis
a) Project implemented by – Swami Hardas Life System, Services Division
b) Study conducted by - Swami Hardas Life System, R & D Division
c) Locations - Village-GedraSahi, Block-Bangripossi, Dist- Mayurbhanj, Orissa from 20-9-2014 to 1-10-2014
Brief particulars of the project:-
Endemic skeletal fluorosis, are caused by excessive intake of fluorine contaminated water for a long time. This leads to crippling bone deformities, spinal compressions, and restricted movements of joints. Researches have concluded that fluorosis is irreversible and before treating fluorosis is that the patients should cease from drinking the fluoride contaminated water. In mild to moderate cases, recovery takes 1-5 years and in severe cases, 5-15 years & the patient is treated with Calcium and Vitamin D. There is no specific medicine.
              All the methods of defluoridation include drawing out the water from the ground water and applying various defluoridation techniques to it. All the defluoridation techniques are expensive and beyond the reach of the poor masses of India. No method has been invented whereby the level of concentration of fluoride in ground water i.e. water table itself can be reduced under the surface of the earth. Scientific Siddha Technology of Swami Hardas Life System (herein after known as “The System”) has been invented by Dr. Swami Hardas, which is an energy balancing mechanism and process by which various health, natural, environmental related problems can be solved. No drugs, chemicals, electrical/electronic etc. equipment are used in the process.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of The System on:
    a) Reducing the level of concentration of fluoride in fluoride contaminated ground water
    b) Treating patients suffering from endemic skeletal fluorosis.

On the Application of The System in the fluoride contaminated villages of Jukal, Andhra Pradesh & Ratanpur, Raipali, Khujenpali and GedraSahi, Orissa, India for about 7-10 days for only an hour led to remarkable decrease in level of concentration of fluoride in the water table itself ranging from 8.88% to 68%. The Mean of the percentage decrease is 29.60%.The decrease was maintained even after 6-12 months & the decrease was permanent in nature. Further, the decrease continued for 6-12 months after The System was last applied. Thus, The System is dynamic & not one time matter.
         Further, substantial, and definite improvements in fluorosis affected patients were also noticed, without the patients shifting from the area and drinking uncontaminated water. Patients exhibiting minor/ moderate symptoms like, pain, stiffness in the spine, joints etc. had reported about 60%-70% relief in first 15 days. In severely affected patients with highly stooped spines, the reduction of pain was 60% to 70% and there was remarkable straightening of the spine in 3-4 cases.

The System is a revolutionary, zero-budget, extremely fast mechanism, being used for the first time in the world, to reduce the level of contamination permanently in the ground water itself and for treatment of fluorosis…… read more

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