:: Divisions ::
SHLS Services :
The Services branch is entrusted with the duty to actually implement the plan and policies of the Establishment at the grassroot level. One of the chief aim of the SHLS Establishment is to render voluntary, free services to human kind with pure intentions ….read more

SHLS Research and Development Division :
Research and Development unit has the responsibility to analyse the results obtained after the practical application of the methods of Swami Hardas Life System. This is an area where an huge amount of research and development potential is existing….read more

SHLS Gyanpeeth :
This is a unique, result oriented, scientific as well as Beyond Science Universal Educational Institute based on Swami Hardas Life System/ Technology. This educational institute is unique, path breaking and revolutionary in the entire world….read more

Communication :
This branch is dedicated to perform all kinds of communications with various persons and authorities, so that everyone can get benefit of and be aware of Swami Hardas Life System and it’s pious work for the welfare of the whole World.
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