:: Today’s Burning Issues ::
Today’s burning issue confronting the earth can be briefly summarized as under:
Poverty ridden areas of Asia, Africa and South America, where basic living amenities are unavailable and hunger, poverty and malnutrition are wide spread.
These areas are outside the reach of modern medical facilities due to lack of infrastructural facilities, doctors, costly diagnostic amenities and medicines. Even if these are available, they are unaffordable by these poor, impoverished masses.
Lack of decontaminated drinking water and usage of contaminated underground water.
Environmental pollution, ozone layer degradation, global warming etc.
Addiction to drugs, dysfunctional families, lack of cooperation and peaceful environment within and outside the family, terrorism, intolerance corruption etc.
Usage of chemical fertilisers, pest killers etc in agriculture leading to degradation of environment, soil etc and adverse effect on human and livestock health and output.
Natural calamities like tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, cloud-bursts etc, some of which cannot be predicted but cause havoc.
Swami Hardas Life System attempts to address each of these issues so as to promote global peace, progress and development.
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