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Swami Hardas Life System is the merger of science and beyond science techniques, leading to a “New Science” which is aimed at applying the fusion of both in every sphere of human existence for the benefit of humankind, whether it be effectively handling a) various health issues, b) increasing c) agricultural productivity, d) improving livestock productivity , e) eradicating ground water contamination, f) raising ground water level, g) calamity prediction h) making nature favourable etc and also solving day to day problems. It is a journey starting with modern day science and going beyond the realm of modern day science, while taking assistance of scientific measurement techniques and parameters.
The method is Beyond Science, leading to a “New Science” because of the following reasons:
The foundation of every element in this universe, whether animate or inanimate, is energy. By the various methods of Swami Hardas Life System, appropriate positive changes, modifications and alterations are made at this energy level, which is the foundation of every creation, which present science is not able to do.

Since, the alterations are being made at the basic, fundamental energy systems, it does not make much difference as to whether these energy systems later on constitute to become a human, animal, plant or an inanimate matter. This is a totally revolutionary approach.

This gives rise to results, which may be seen with total disbelief, amazement and wonder.
The area of operation of SHLS is in the zone which reaches beyond the reach of modern day’s science. However the results are perceived, tangible and can be measured by scientific instruments.

The practical applicability of the System and the results thereof can not be denied but modern day science is not able to fully explain it. The results are sustainable and are shown to happen even on repeated applicability. Thus, the System is practical in nature in the sense that practical and actual results are obtained even if science is not able to explain or fathom it fully.

Some of the “Beyond Science” results obtained can be detailed as under :

a) Super Advanced Calamity Prediction:-
Projects are being conducted to predict natural calamities, like, floods, cyclones, earthquakes etc far before present methods/techniques are able to do so. This is revolutionary. Various experiments have shown very encouraging and positive results. Efforts are on to conduct these projects in collaboration with meteorological Departments, nationally and worldwide to scientifically verify the effects of SHLS on various factors of environment including predicting natural calamities. We are aware that this will lead to a total air of disbelief and sense of incredibility but our in-house experiments are proving otherwise

b) Making Nature Favourable:-
Experiments are being conducted in-house by the volunteers to verify whether adverse natural conditions e.g. rainfall, temperature, storms, pollution etc can be controlled by the application of SHLS. We are aware that this will lead to a total air of disbelief and sense of incredibility but our in-house experiments are proving otherwise. It has to be accepted that the foundation of all elements, including that of the environment, are composed of energy and any system which has the ability to make positive changes in that energy level can lead to suitable changes, may it be elements of solid matter or natural forces. The logic will apply to all elements.

c) Increase in level of Ground Water :-
Somanahalli -The ground water level in a bore well was increased by 120 feet through application of SHLS techniques.This trial was conducted by Zilla Panchayat Gadag, DGM Medical and Ayurvedic College,Gadag, Andhra Pradesh, India. There is no technology known to man yet by which the level of ground water can be increased.

d) Decontamination of Ground Water:-
At village Narayankhed, Dist.- Gadak, Andhra Pradesh, India, India the level of concentration of hard water, chloride and fluoride in the ground water was reduced by only 3 day’s application of SHLS as per tests conducted by engineers of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department in January, 2013. The reduction was in the water table itself and not after the water was pumped out. There is no mechanism known to mankind by which this can be done. Water , when drawn out of the ground, is subjected to various processes and the contamination is removed. But there is no technique whereby the nature and composition of the water table under the ground can be altered and that too, without the usage of any chemicals, drugs or equipments. This is a “beyond science” outcome.
ii)Similar experiments at villages GadraSahi, Raipalli, Ratanpur, and Khujenpali, Orissa, India led to the reduction in the level of concentration of fluoride in the ground water, within a week, by an average of 30% in June 2014 ......... read more

e) Treatment of Fluorosis:-
In the above villages of Orissa, villagers suffering from fluorosis were effectively treated within 15 days resulting in 30-50% reduction of pain and spinal stiffness in November 2014. There is no effective cure of fluorosis as per known medical science. Further, modern treatment procedure lays down that the patient has to stop consuming the fluoride contaminated water and shift from the contaminated zone. Only then the treatment can be effective. Further, it may take years for the patient to fully recover. But with the application of SHLS, visible results were obtained within 15 days, without the villagers being shifted from the village .........read more

f) Increase in Hemoglobin (g/dl):-
Low hemoglobin condition is generally known as anaemia. To recover from anaemia needs taking of iron and folic acid tablets along with protein and minerals rich food. The iron and folic acid intake along with protein rich food has to be continued for at least 3-4 weeks to see a rise in hemoglobin level and it has to be maintained till the patient fully recovers, may be for years.
SHLS was applied for only 2-3 days on more than 250 villagers in remote and tribal areas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh with the help of Department of AYUSH of these states. The results were amazing and startling and beyond the capacity of known methods. Some cases are given below:
1) Basavraj Bandivaddar    +2.6 Hb%
(2) Sagar Hosavnavi         +3.0 Hb%
(3) Vennikamma Raddar     +3.0Hb%
(4) B.Angadi                    +1.6 Hb%
(5) Mallikarjun Hiremath     + 3.0 Hb%.
The above camp was held with Department of AYUSH, Government of Karnataka at Jagadguru Boodeeshwar Vidyapeetha, Hosali, Gadag, Karnataka on 29/8/2013 .........read more

g) Reduction of Blood Sugar:-
Various camps were held all over the country which showed that with the application of SHLS for only 3 hours, there was considerable decrease in blood sugar.
1) Mr. Channamma Baswesh sugar level before camp 211 mg/dl after camp 72 mg/dl
2) Mr. Prabhu sugar level before camp 176 mg/dl after camp 98 mg/dl
3) Mrs. Lilawati Shetti taking 4insiline/day sugar level before camp 244 mg/dl after camp 76 mg/dl with great relief in pains
4) Dr. R.N. Patil ( Dist.surgeon) sugar level before camp 287 mg/dl after camp 167 mg/dl.........read more
h) Reduction of Blood Pressure:-
Various camps were held all over the country which showed that with the application of SHLS for only 3 hours, there was considerable decrease in blood pressure.........read more

i) Model Village Development Programmes:-
Over the last decade, Swami Hardas Establishment has been painstakingly undertaking various village development programs, whereby the villagers were being taught the application of SHLS so as solve their problems of basic and primary health, agriculture, livestock, water purification etc. All these were taught, free of cost, at remote and deprived areas where the normal governmental agencies could not deliver or reach.........read more

j) Application of Swami Hardas Life Systems by Students:-
The application of the methods of SHLS also has a special package for students. It is aimed at increasing the memory power of children, increasing their concentration and enhancing their general abilities.........read more

k) Reduction/Increase in weight:-
It has been observed that on the application of SHLS, weights of persons have increased/decreased, in some cases from 1kg to 3 kgs as per requirements within a few hours.........read more

l) Other ailments & diseases:-
Apart from the above, a large number of other ailments and diseases like, spondylitis, body pain, eye, kidney, heart, liver and other………..read more
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