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Introduction :
This is a unique and path-breaking "New Science" created by the marger of Science and Beyond Science methodology known as “Swami Hardas Life System”. It has been invented, developed, applied and tested by Dr Swami Hardas himself. Hence, it is known as 'Swami Hardas Life System' ….read more

Founder :
Dr. Swami Hardas is mild in nature, large hearted, simple is his appearance and living, he has thorough knowledge of most of the subjects. He has invented perhaps the most powerful and unique system known as 'Swami Hardas Life System' ….read more

Aims :
Giving health, peace and progress to all and making nature favorable so as to make life and globe glorious. SHLS aims to give the necessary basics needed for a well balanced living for a common individual ….read more

Specialities :
The specialties of SHLS Establishment are unique which make it totally different from other organizations. Some of the differentiating features of SHLS System are ….read more

Awards & Milestones : ….read more

Swami Hardas Foundation is a Voluntary Organization and all it’s work is carried out in the field level by it’s large network of volunteers. Various projects are carried out at the grass root level in remote villages of India and teams are also sent out to various parts of Africa, Nepal and other countries.

Our only sustenance is the donations that we receive from our volunteers and well wishers. The selfless zeal of our volunteers and the donations we receive are the life line of this Foundation. In view of this, we sincerely request our well wishers to give donations to us so that we may carry forward our activities smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of mankind. Donations may be given at our head office at Pune or may be deposited in our following bank account :

a) Name of the account- Swami Hardas Foundation

b) Name of the bank- State Bank of India

c) Name of the branch- Wadgaonsheri, Pune, India

d) Account no- 35365291619

e) IFSC Code- SBIN0016818

Certificates & Scientific test reports: 

      Certificates….read more
       Scientific test reports….read more
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