Swami Hardas Life System (SHLS) -
A journey Beyond Science, with science.

       SHLS is a “Beyond Science”, unique and path breaking “New Science”. This is a energy balancing system and process by which various Health, Peace, Developmental issues including agricultural, educational, livestock, decontamination of water, raising level of water, nature related and environmental problems etc. can be solved. These results achieved by SHLS are considered impossible and startling and can be explained only by thetheories of Quantum Physics... read more
Regional Quantum Conferences- In view of the tremendous success of the Quantum Conference held at Pune from 26th January to 29th January 2017 , Regional Quantum Conferences have been planned at -

1) Baripada, District Odisha, Odisha on 15th April 2017 to 16thApril , 2017.
2) Kanpur, District Uttar Pradesh on 22nd and 23rd April, 2017.
There are no registration fees and all are invited to attend.

Abstract accepted for The Science of Consciousness Conference to be held at in Shanghai China, June 5-10, 2017,

For details go to “On-going Projects”
Super Advanced Natural Calamity Prediction :
Projects are being conducted to predict natural calamities, like, floods, cyclones, earthquakes etc far before present methods/techniques are able to do so. We are aware that this will lead to a total air of disbelief and sense of incredibility but our in-house experiments are proving otherwise.
….read more

Making Nature Favourable :
Experiments are being conducted in-house by our volunteers to verify whether adverse natural conditions e.g. rainfall, temperature, storms, pollution etc can be controlled by the application of SHLS. We are aware that this will lead to a total air of disbelief and sense of incredibility but our in-house experiments are proving otherwise. ….
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Increase in level of ground water :
Somanahalli -The ground water level in a bore well increased by 120 feet through the application of SHLS techniques. Present day science is not able to do this feat. ….read more

Decontamination of ground water :
A) The entire 700 sq k.m. area high iron content water table of Suliapada block of Orissa was converted into normal, usable water within 14 days. This is revolutionary and unimaginable. B) At villages GadraSahi, Raipalli, Ratanpur, and Khujenpali, Orissa, India the fluoride contaminated ground water was converted into drinkable water. C) Similarly hard water of village Salandi and Kailali Nepal was converted into usable water….read more

Treatment of Fluorosis :
In the above villages, villagers suffering from fluorosis were effectively treated within a 15 days resulting in 30-50% reduction of body pain and spinal stiffness. There is no effective cure as per known medical science. ….read more

Increase in Hemoglobin (gm%) :
With the application of SHLS, increase in blood haemoglobin has been noticed within 2-3 days, defying scientific logic. ….read more

Reduction of Blood Sugar :
With the application of SHLS for only 3 hours, there was considerable decrease in blood sugar….read more

Reduction of Blood Pressure :
Various camps showed that with the application of SHLS for only 3 hours, there was considerable decrease in blood pressure ….read more

Other Ailments & Diseases :
Apart from the above, a large number of other ailments and diseases like, spondylitis, body pain, eye,kidney, heart, liver and other…..…
read more

Model Village Development Programmes :
Over the last decade, Swami Hardas Establishment has been painstakingly undertaking various Model village Development Programs, whereby the villagers were being taught the application of SHLS so as solve their problems of basic and primary health, agriculture, livestock, water purification etc. All these were taught, free of cost, at remote and deprived village areas where the normal governmental agencies could not deliver or reach ….read more

Application of SHLS by Students :
SHLS also has a special package for students for increasing their concentration and enhancing their general abilities ….read more

Reduction/increase in weight :
It has been observed that on the application of SHLS, body weights of persons have increased/decreased as per requirements within a few hours ….read more

......... and many more
The Methodology of SHLS can be explained from the following perspectives :-

1) From the common person’s point of view

2) From perspective of Quantum Physics

read more
Hon Dr. Swami Hardas addressing villagers
Hon Dr. Swami Hardas addressing villagers at a Model Village Development Program
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